looking at snow feels so surreal


Federal Judges ruled the Virginia marriage ban unconstitutional. Congratulations, Virginia!



"no one can love you until you love yourself"

that is complete bullshit

don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve love from other people because you struggle with loving yourself


do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends


what the fuck is wrong with u people if a person wants to wear a grandpa sweater and a flowercrown while drinking a pumpkin spice latte fucking let them live their life the last thing they probably need is your broke judgmental ass giving them hella negative vibes cause you don’t like their life choices bye


Curled Rarity’s hair!


first in the series of mbti character things (i started with my own type)

i just want to make it clear that a lot of the negatives could also be seen as positives, and that most of these traits were either taken from type sites or from personal experience & research so some may be inaccurate

if you can’t read any of the points, please tell me! and if a more in depth description of the type is needed i’ll definitely help you out if you shoot me an ask!

(please don’t delete this caption btw)